Bill (Woody) Weisshaar- Trombone, Vocals

Music History- Bill began playing just out of high school with Ben in the band Ben & The Gentlemen, a Blues Brothers, Motown, etc... band.    Bill, Ben, and Hugh are all alumni of Willowbrook High School in Villa Park, IL.   Bill has a music therapy degree from DePaul University (1987), and studied with Edward Kleinhammer of the CSO for 3 years, and also studied with Mark McDunn there for another year.    Along with playing in Depaul's jazz band and orchestra, he is a founding member of Planet Groove.    Bill comes from a household where music was played every day, his mom sang in choirs, his dad, although never formally trained, sang, played guitar, organ, piano, trumpet, and also was a choir director his whole adult life.   Bill's 4 brothers all played brass instruments.

Inspirational National Bands- Santana, Chicago, James Brown, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Jellyfish, Los Lonely Boys

Inspirational Local Bands- Elvis Brothers, Chucklehead, Funkhouse, Johnny Socko, Dick Holliday & The Bamboo Gang, Phat Phunktion, Paul Cebar

Most Overrated bands- U2, Smashing Pumpkins

Favorite Foods- Juicy hamburger, all kinds of sandwiches, and pizza

Something No One Would Know about Bill-  is an avid sports fan, is in 2 fantasy leagues, and has watched every crime documentary out there!